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What Our Clients Say

Polly Shaw 

Head of Policy & Communications

Plus Power

Thank you so much for you and your highly professional services. We really enjoyed working with you and your team—they're great.  I also meant to thank you in person for your 'above and beyond' service by jumping in to save the day on the mic!  We all deeply appreciated the save. Thanks for helping to make it a terrific event. I wanted to circle back, now that I've had a chance to go through all the videos and stills. You gave us some great material, and I particularly appreciate the video montages. Thank you for a very thorough set of images throughout the ceremony. Thank you again for your help on our project groundbreaking.  We'll circle back if we have future needs.

Amapola Judd-Shimp

VP of Partnerships

Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce

Bryan Echols

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Lloyd Flanders

The response has been fantastic.  The Live Stream had more people attending than even our industry webinars usually get and it has been shared many times since then.  Our reps will also be using it in their sales trainings this spring to bring the Chicago showroom to the entire sales staffs of each one of their dealers, which has never been possible before.  

ED Smith III

Former Pro Athlete

Host of The EZ Sports Talk Show

Michelle Hayward


EXP Realty